New or Nearly New?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to new Vs nearly new, and we will always research the client’s requirements thoroughly to ensure that we quote the best possible deal at the time.

As a major vehicle provider Essex Vehicle Contracts enjoy fleet rebate terms from most motor manufacturers that we pass on to our clients in our’ on the road ‘prices. It may well be that after the fleet rebate is applied, a brand new vehicle is a more cost effective proposition than a pre – registered one, and we will always quote accordingly.

Delivery periods are also another factor to be considered, as until recently, a vehicle could take up to six months to build a vehicle, and in some cases manufacturers such as Aston Martin are still quoting an 18 month wait on certain models. In cases such as this a pre – registered vehicle, May sometimes be a better option.

Resale values also need to be considered, as a vehicle that has had a considerable number of owners over a relatively short period, will always be worth less than a one or two owner vehicle with full service history. Pre – registered vehicles do not seem affected by this as long as a new owner is found pretty soon after the date of first registration.

Pleased be assured that we will always quote for the right vehicle, at the right price, at the right time.

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